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Talented Young Actors

The Forsyte Saga
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The Forsyte Family is a very mixed up family. The Forsyte saga follows many of the adventures of several members of the family. Their lives, loves and attempts to further the Forsyte line. Has an all star cast including Gina McKee, Damien Lewis, Ben Miles and Amanda Root.

Jessica plays June aged 14. In one scene where she has to lovely and adorable before she turns into Gillian Kearney five minutes later. She is however as lovely as the role requires when she tells Irenie about dancing and her shoes. The performance is creditable but far too short for our liking! We wanted to see June grow up more!!

Christian plays Jolly (Jolyon but there’s more than one!) he is the son of Young Jolyon (Stay with me) who left his wife for his nanny. His father, Jolyon stops Young Jolyon’s money and he and his new bride move to the country to live a hard (but happy life) All this is actually a sub plot in The Forsyte saga.


Jolly and his sister (wait for it…) Holly are very close, so when he goes to Oxford and finds out that Holly is seeing Val Dartie (Julian Ovenden) he gets angry. When he confronts Val they make a pact and join up to fight in the war.


It’s a very confusing show to remember who is who’s brother cousin etc. and as Val and Jolly look similar that is another confusing element. His performance is very fitting with the show and it’s great to see him with his family – Amanda Ryan (as his sister) and Rupert Graves (his dad) he really fits with the 1900’s look – infact not much of his work has been contemporary.