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Talented Young Actors

Love in a Cold Climate
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Three young women in a country on the verge of world war two are far more concerned with who they should and shouldn't marry. Starring Antony Andrews, Shelia Gish and Megan Dodds.


Christian plays Matt, only son of Sadie and Matthew. He has aspirations beyond England and goes to Spain where there’s serious trouble. Matt is a cute part which not really a stretch for Christian’s talents. There’s not much of him in the actual show and his character is only really there so Linda can meet him in Spain.




Anna plays Victoria, one of the many children of (Uncle) Matthew (Alan Bates) and (Aunt) Sadie (Celia Imrie) sister of Linda, Matt, Jassy and Emma (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh, Christian Coulson, Jemima Rooper and Lulu Popplewell).
She usually appears with this gaggle of siblings - hiding in the airing cupboard or teasing her eldest sisiter Linda about Spinsterhood - "A little Houseless match"
Good but far too brief performance from Anna and sister Lulu


Jemima plays Jassy one of the many daughters. She is the middle child and enjoys teasing her older and younger sisters. She also saves all her money for the days when she can run away from home to London and stay in a bed and breakfast. She also has a pet rat which is under constant threat from her older sister.