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Talented Young Actors

The illustrated Mum
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The Illustrated Mum is about two girls Dolphin (Alice Connor) and Star (Holly) and their Mum (Michelle Collins) who has more tattoos than she has money to pay for them. She's also a manic depressive with a habit of dissappearing for days on end. It's a channel four adaptation of another Jaquline Wilson novel.

Alice plays dolphin. Stars little sister and is just too young to understand that although her mum seems fun she should be more responsible!
Alice is really sweet as dolphin, especially when she starts making friends with the little lad. She plays the character with empathy and you do find yourself on her side.

Holly plays star - trying to grow up a normal teenager but also having to look after her spontaneous mother and kid sister. holly (representing many teens from broken homes) takes the responsibility aimicably and believably.