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Talented Young Actors

The little Vampire
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Tony, (Stuart Little's Jonathan Lipnicki)  is having a hard time making new friends as his parents have moved him from the US to Scotland. Also, he seems to have an unhealty obsession with vampires, and scary nightmares - the poor child.  All is revealed as he befriends the son of a vampire family who live off cows in the hope of becoming real humans again. All they need is the amulet and not surprisingly it's the one Tony's been having dreams about! With his help they can all be human agin - that is if the Vampire hunter doesn't get them before time runs out.
Fun children's film with a smattering of big names - Richard E Grant, Jim Carter and up and coming stars Anna Popplewell and Dean Cook.

While Rollo's character seems like a nine year old (even though he has been alive for many thousands of years) Anna's character 'Anna' seems old beyond her years - she's either seen or been told about Kirsten Dunsts performance in Interview with a Vampire. A woman stuck in a girls body. Anna is a dreamer and a romantic, she fancies Tony who probably nearly the same age as her is a child to her grown up. A very good performance from someone so young and is pleasing when she becomes young once more!


Rollo is Rudolph Sackville-Bagg. The first vampire Tony makes friends with. He's convincing enough and his hearts in the right place. The plot may be a little far fetched (not for a kids film though) but he holds his own against Richard E Grant and Johnathan Limpnicki - who at times threatens to turn it into the Limpnicki show. Good all round performance and the start of several performances with Anna Popplewell.


Dean plays the other Sackville-Baggs child. He’s been a teenager for thousands of years. Poor lad. Is it a wonder that he’s grouchy moody young vampire? He’s not really

involved with the main plot. That’s just for the three younger ones. He stays out of ‘the adventure.’