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Talented Young Actors

Feather Boy
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Robert Noble or Norbert No Bottle - is a lad being bullied at his school, his parents have split up and things are generally bad. He meets Edith Sorrel (Shelia Hancock) who's an old woman with a past and suddenly his life turns upside down.

This show proves that Thomas has grown up since Love Actually. Not only has he matured as an actor, but he's matured enough to take the weight of a TV drama, albeit a Children's one. It also shows people who only know him as that kid from Love actually, that he has actually dramatic gravitas and is a good performer.


Aaron is the bully, with big hair!

He’s a weird sort of bully though because when he goes round to Norbert’s house he is civil and they even paint figures together. I think the character is quite unstable, and may grow up to achieve an ASBO. Sorry.

Aaron’s good, he doesn’t look like your typical bully, he’s not really tall and well built. He’s just a normal kid, who has these psychological scars that make him bully Robert.