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Talented Young Actors

Rose and Maloney
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Rose is a no nonsense straight talking woman. Maloney is a bumbling no hope of a man. And that is why they are TV cop partners. They investigate old cases and try to prove that the person who went to prison didn't actually do it and how rubbish the police system was back then..... Slighty more ridiculous than Lynley and you get the feeling the young guests are far too good for the show

Andrew is Daniel, imprisioned for killing an old man when he was younger (played in flash backs by Brock Elwick-Everett) His family are very unsupportive, especially his father. Chin started itching yet?
Andrew's portrayal is another fine one. You don't have to do very much in shows like this, except stand with tears in your eyes starring into the distance and waking up from a scary dream or a flashback.
However he is such a joy to watch it doesn't matter.


Stephanie plays Katie, a girl imprisioned for killing a teacher (amanda root) 's baby (who she was minding at the time) A similar performance requirement (tears/flashbacks) But Stephanie is a really good actress and the background is all her eyes.