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Talented Young Actors

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John Strange (Richard Coyle) is an ex priest who seems to have found his vocation in ridding the world of demons. Jude (Sam Janus) meets Strange when she discovers that her husband and father of Joey is in fact a demon! (strange by name…)

Canon Black (Ian Richardson) is trying to stop Strange for fear of the demons being made public.

Toby (Andrew-Lee Potts) is a computer wiz and a bit of a geek but he helps Strange discover all about these demons by use of the internet!


This is a very peculiar show. It’s scary, funny a little bit romantic and very STRANGE! This being so it is hard to say whether the performances are believable. It’s played straight so most of the comedy comes from either a few great lines or the ridiculousness of a situation.

Andrew’s character Toby never seems to go out, it’s never really explained why he lives with Strange. But how he believes in demons is. He had the sight but was in a motorcycle accident and had to have a metal plate in his head, so he’s not had a great life. His performance is fitting, he’s very computer literate in a geeky way and some of his nicest moments are when it’s very obvious he fancies Jude but is too shy to say anything!



Adam is in the episode Kaa Jin, he plays one of four rebel choir boys who disappear one by one and all seem to have limbs removed in highly complex shot. He only lasts the first half of the show but plays it straight and never lapses into farce – which would be so easy to do!


Samuel plays Doddington. Servant to nasty cannon black and technically on the baddies side – though he doesn’t know it. He’s a bit soppy and usually at the sharp end of Cannon Black’s tongue (where have you been? Listening to your Cliff Richard records?) he's cute and does as he's told, while being kept in the dark. He seems to be featured in every episode but doesn't really have much to do. I wish they didn't create characters like that - such a waste.