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Girls in Love
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Adapted from the books by Jaquline Wilson ITV's first series went out in 2003.
Ellie Allard (Olivia Hallinan) is a 13 year old girl trying to survive her teenage years in the least embarrassing way possible... not much luck as her teenage year include crushes, kissing boys and falling out with her mates. Billed as the ultimate survival guide for teenage girls, as it follows the life and loves of Ellie and her two friends Nadine (Amy Kwolek) and Magda (Zaarah Abrahams).

About the whole show: there have been a lot of complaints about the age of the main characters as they are meant to be 13 and the actors all look and are much older.
Adam plays Russell, Ellie's love interest, who's a little bit dark and mysterious. He walks into Ellie's life and makes her all happy and smiley (apart from the episode where they read each others diaries.)
It's a lighter part for Adam and at last he finds a girl who's father approves! (see Where the Heart is)
He's very comfortable in the role but not stretched. There's nothing that includes much depth, but he suits the 'good looking' aspect of the show.

Olivia plays the main character Ellie and I have to say she is THE QUEEN of voice over. at least 40% of each episode is voice overed! I love the little animations of this show. Anyway. Olivia, although being far too old to play Ellie and not looking anything like her in the books (apparently) she does pretty well. I could quite believe she wants to find the perfect lad and the fact that it's filmed in Salford makes the show even better. The problem is Olivia is so much better than the shows and the parts she's getting.