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Where the Heart is
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Where the Heart is is set the village of Skeltwaite (Northern with a capital N) it started in 1997 and revolves around the nurses and various patients who pop up for an episode, usually played by a guest star.
No one could ever accuse where the heart is of being 'hard hitting'  or 'ground breaking'. But if you want to sit with your feet up with a brew and be safe in the knowledge that they will get the car started and the woman who fell down the stairs will be reunited with their husband / child / donkey and realise there is a point to living after all.

Adam joined the show in 2003 as Nathan - eldest child of the Boothe family and typical moaning teenager! He managed to fall in love with a girl who's father disapproved. And now in his second series he fell in love with a girl who... you guessed it, her father disapproves.

The show may warm the cockles but ut's not really pushing Adam as an actor, his story lines are more subplots than central issues and he gets little screen time per episode. However, I'm sure Skelthwaite is providing Adam with a nice little nest egg until something better comes along.

Holly Plays Nathan's sister Megan Boothe. She is a few years younger but no less moany and having an on/off relationship with Luke (Christian Cooke)
After a traumatic series in which Megan has a baby and looses her mother, Holly left the series but Megan carries on, now being played by Holly Lucas.