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All about Me
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'All about me' was an odd idea for a sitcom and surprisingly went into a second series (and a third). It is about mixed race family and the me of the title is Raj (Jamil Dhillon), a boy who suffers cerebral palsy. His Mum is Rupinda (Mera Syal / Nina Wadia) who also has a little girl Kavita. Rupindas younger sister Sima (Natalia Keery Fisher) also lives there. Rupinda is married to Colin (Jasper Carrott), who has two sons Peter (Ryan Cartwright) and Leo (Robert Cartin).

Not very funny, everyone was surprised when it was commisioned a second series and even more surprised as a third one stars this week. Ryan however, appears to be absent from the cast list of this series and maybe this is a good thing.

YTA comments                                                               Ryan is Peter, the eldest of this assorted family and is subject to many of the jokes his characters are always subjected to e.g too tall and scrawny, can't get a girlfriend etc... Poor Ryan. He plods through it, not really challenged by the comedy but frankly is one of the best things in it.

TYA Comments
Natalia plays Sima. She's a teenage girl being forced into a mixed race family of which she doesn't really belong. There's a great scene with Peter where they discuss how they are related - she is his step auntie!
The show isn't great but it's a commendable performance especially as she sticks with the show for THREE series!!