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Talented Young Actors

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First broadcast in 1998. It was about two children Emily (Rebbecca Hunter) and Joe (Paul Terry), who's Mum (Suzanne Burden) and Dad (Jeff Rawle) split up, then their Mum's boyfriend - Roger(Ivan Kaye) moves in with his three kids, Robbie (Albey Brooks), Felicity (lucy Evans) and David (Ryan).
Sounds like a typical kind of kids drama? What was different about it was the design, the house was slanted and, colourful and hectic. Robbie had a huge imaginary blue mouse called Pogo, Felicity rode horses... in her sleep and Joe owned a snake that talked to camera. Also, every now and again two men would pop up as Roman's or astronaughts, whatever fitted with that particular episode.

Weird? Yeah! But entertaining. One step up from The Wild house.

Lucy played Felicity, a mad child who rode a horse in her sleep! She was very stuck up and slightly scary.

Lucy was brilliant, she can’t have been much older than he character and she was so funny.

This was such a great series, I don’t think that CBBC has topped this. A modern day, quirkily designed show that had really funny moments that my Dad also really liked!! CBBC try harder, we’re dying on our arses for some decent drama here.


TYA Comments

Ryan's character was David, the eldest of Rogers kids and had a crush on Emily. He was really funny even though he was only  16/17. One of the funniest 'David' moments was after he had a moped and received mild concussion leading to hilarious hallucinations.