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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Lynley's posh, Havers isn't and that's all you really need to know.
All the books have been adapted for screen and so new screenplays have been written. 'A Cry for Justice' was the first non-novel to be produced, and that's probably the reason I cannot remember a thing about it... (see below)

The Missing Joseph

Once again Lynley's friends and family are involved in one of his cases. His friend Deborah St James (whose husband is crippled) gets very close to a country clergyman she meets at the National Gallery. When he is found dead, supposedly poisoned by accident, Deborah is anxious to get to the bottom of the death and calls in Lynley. It's a complex case, and in working to solve it Lynley and Havers improve their relationship.


Water hemlock - don't eat it! But was it in the meal of Ms Spence (Pippa Hewood) and the clergyman or was it murder, and did the murderer mean for one of the consumers to live? And what of teenage Maggie did she want the clergyman to live? Throw in the dashing Jason Merrells as a local constable and you've got a nice little mystery on your hands... Charlotte played Maggie - the poor little lamb. She's under alot of stress for all the episode and Charlotte gives one of the best performances of the episode. You could believe that she might actually be a murderer which is the kind of performance you need when everyone is a suspect.


A Cry for Justice
A woman is found dead, and it looks as if she committed suicide. But Havers has doubts. The police investigation leads Lynley to a private club, while Havers goes undercover. The true motive for the death affects Lynley deeply.
TYA comments
I shall just admit to it. I did watch this programme, however everything about it has gone completely from my memory. Whether it was that awful I blocked it out, or was too complex or ridiculous that I couldn't take it in I do not know. However Steven's character dies anyway and I don't know who did it.


Well Schooled in murder
When a young 'scholarship boy' is found murdered in teh grounds of - school. Linley and Havers are called into investigate, what with it being Lynley's 'type of school'. The boys seem to all be oxbridge candidates all working to a hidden agenda involving bullying, drugs and homosexuality.
Samuel plays the adorable Brian Byrne - or is he as adorable as we think? He's the 'best friend' of Chaz the head boy and is helping him through his exams. He gets quite a big role - one of three main sixth formers features (the others being William Mannering as Clive Pritchard and Henry Cavill as Chaz Quilter) Shows like this usually have a great cast and rubbish scripts, this one is no exception, however because the supporting cast are so darn quality (John Sessions, Bill Nighy, Martin Jarvis) you forget it's utter drivel and enjoy it. Samuel's great. i reckon if he came on screen and read out the phone book we'd still adore him!