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The After Show Talk 2006
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The After Show Talk 2006

You may remember that this time last year I went to the aftershow History Boys tour, well the same happened this year and it's always too funny to miss something like this and I wasn't disappointed.
Stephen Moore (Hector) is as intelligent as his Hector seemed and was very fast on the uptake, some of the lads weren't as quiet as last time and there was also the Tour manager who was wound up something rotten byt Stephen Moore snoring during his answer, causing all the boys to giggle!
After a rather 'newsnight' type situation with a man who clearly had issues that he thought the cast were some how responsible for the language and contant of the play and had to be asked to stop interrupting so normal people could ask nice questions.
There had been a man in the audience with a very distinctive laugh which Thomas Morrison had cottoned on too and he went redder and redder during the 'kneeshaw scene' and literally ran off stage when the scene ended. He spoke about that.
People still moaning about the sound, and not being able to hear but in the words of Steven Webb after the talk "We didn't build the theatre"
Also someone moaning about swearing (possibly thinking it was due to the cast and not Alan Bennett) 
and then brilliantly when Stephen Moore was asked whether Alan Bennett had seen and enjoyed the play Moore said "Yes, but he didn't like the swearing."
The compere seemed a little ill informed as he asked Steven Webb if he was 19, which is just poor research. Steven was asked it if was his first job out of drama school, to which he replied he'd been acting for so many years and still hadn't got out of school uniform!

There were some great answers, including Ben Barnes saying how they "employed really immature people!" and before the last question... "Better make it good!"

Steven made the very funny claim that they had all turned down the film and The compere asked Stephen Moore "Where are you going after this?" (as in the tour) Moore said "Well, I'm going home!"

The other boys were fairly subdued, Orlando looked a little confused as to where he was as if the whole event had been sprung on him.
The best best bit was a woman in the audience who was sat with her mother in her 60's and her kids in their early teens saying "I'm here with my kids who hear worse language at school and have loved the play."
And Nan piped up "And Nanna liked it too!" which of course brought the house down. God Bless that Nanna, The History Boys really is a show for all ages.

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