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Talented Young Actors

The Thief Lord
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Thief Lord is a novel by Cornelia Funke and until I have read it I cannot draw comparison with the film. So apologies if you are a fan of the novel and not the film.


Prop and Bo played by Aaron Johnson and Jasper Harris are brothers orphaned and separated. Prop to a kids home and Bo to his evil aunt and uncle (typical baddies, in this type of film) Prop and Bo escape and head to Rome and join the Thief Lord, Scipio (Rollo Weeks) and his gang Hornet (Alice Connor) Riccio (George McKay) and Mosca (Lathaniel Dyer) who, with Scip in a rather iconic mask steal from the rich and live in a disused cinema.


Scip wishes to be a grown up and able to stand up to his bully father, and Prop just wants Bo to be safe. These wishes take them on the adventure of life time with help and hindrance from some adults along the way.


Rollo Weeks plays Scipio. The Theif Lord himself.

He is exceptional as the young lead. His voice is amazingly R.P. and his honeyed tones a joy to listen to, the maturity with which he approached the role seemed to put him beyond his 20 years as an actor. He has come along way from 'The Little Vampire' and his talent has increased and matured.


Lathaniel Dyer plays Mosca.
Lathaniel is excellent as the stubborn but hopeful Mosca. His enthusiasm for the creation of his film in the old cinema 'scratch vision' is such a sweet scene.
His character in the film is much more well rounded than in the book.


Aaron Johnson plays Prospero. Known as Prop. He's a sweet character who is branded bad by nasty realtives and only falls into trouble trying to help his little brother. Aaron plays the role with a great deal of sensitivity and loyalty mixed with uncertainty, Prop is one of the more moral characters and only tarrs his reputation in aid of the greater good. He realises unlike Scip, he is mature enough to deal with his situation without resorting to anything.


Alice Connor plays Hornet, only girl in the Thief Lord's gang. She also seems to be chief medic! Hornet is an integral part of the gang and helps find the missing piece to the puzzle, even when she is kidnapped and made to live in a convent. Alice has grown into a very grown up and capable actress, she doesn't rely on the fact she is the only girl, she is as capable and useful as the boys in the gang. And whether she loves Prop or Skip is really idle gossip!


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