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Talented Young Actors

History Boys - After Show
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And to go to the after show talk... well...

Rachel, Me, Liz and her mum were all sat wondering if it would just be the four of us asking the cast questions, but slowly more people piled in including an old couple who asked everyone to speak up about 5 times! Each time making us laugh and the boys trying even harder not to react.

Marc Elliot, Steven Webb, Thomas Morrison, Des Barritt, Matt Smith, Philip Correia, Kenny Thompson and then latecomer Jamie King, sat on the edge of the stage and a man in an awful shirt was the compére.

So, the information we were given was... The boys ages range from 26 (Marc Elliot) to 20 (Steven Webb) On their first run through they gave Alan Bennett a nose bleed! (Steven did a great Bennett impression!)

Steven told us he breaks down every time he does the drummer hodge scene. Jamie called Steven 'Stevie' and says he refers to the place the play is set in as 'Bennetton'

We found that Thomas is a smart Alec in real life and how they think the play has regional appeal.

Des Barritt kept sort of saying "Matt, you say something" or “go on Kenny, your turn" a bit like a real school teacher which made me smile.

It was a really great night, very entertaining but also very interesting

The End

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