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Mr Harvey Lights a candle
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Mr Harvey Lights a candle was a BBC drama about a teacher Mr Harvey (played by the wonderful Timothy Spall) who takes a coach load of students to Salisbury cathedral on a coach driven by the extremely pessimistic driver (Davud Bradley) his other teacher's (Celia Imrie and Ben Miles) are not as keen on the idea and as Miles' character observes, 'sport's a religion too, can't we go to Twickenham'
Among the students on the coach are Mo - devout Muslim and only religious one of the lot. Phil graffiti artist intent of giving Mo a hard time.
Helen, class bitch with the attitude of a model and a dangerous secret passtime. Andy, the 'northern monkey' who has a thing for Helen and robbing people and Dave, with his video camera, catching the whole events unfurling.
Joshua Malin as Mo
Daniel Bliss as Phil
Natalie Press as Helen
Jody Latham as Andy
Steven Webb as Dave
This wasn't a great drama. It never really picked up the pace. And although it was true to life about school trips, mine always seemed more stressful and our coach never broke down (well, maybe once)
Steven's really good. You forgive him for not being 15, but he's more convincing at it then believing Helen's 15!
Him and his rapper friends supply comic relief in a show that's quite down beat even when everything's resolved. An OK show.