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Talented Young Actors

The Railway Children
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Adaptation of E Nesbits book of the same name. Three children Bobby (Roberta) Phyllis and Peter find themselves moving from their rich house in the country to a poor house in the country near a railway station. With not much else to do they find themselves having various adventures on and around the railway. Starring Jenny Agutter, Michael Kitchen, Jemima Rooper, Jack Blumenaux and Richard Attenborough

Jemima plays darling Roberta one of the best fictional characters ever written for children. She is emotive and yet very dependable. Audiences love her and if they’re as soppy as me are in tears when she finally sees her Daddy on the train platform. She is brilliant in this role. She was a lot older than the character when she played it but she brought so much youth and naivety to the drama that it made the whole thing worthwhile.


Clare Thomas 

Clare plays Phyllis and is absolutely brilliant! She is hilarious and can only have been (13) years old. There are some absolute gems in her performance, especially when she asks the Russian “Are you welsh?” and when she talks to her sister about having your cake and eating it. A performance to relish and remember. A good production all round.



As you’ve probably guessed I love this adaptation of The Railway children. Simon Nye (writer) has made this tale as lovely and sweet as the original film and yet slightly up to date Jack plays Peter. Middle child of the family. He is the man of the house while their father is away. He is headstrong, imaginative but a bit rash.


He loves it when Jim comes to stay because his sisters aren’t very good at cricket.

Jack is sweet and fits well between his two sisters. His determination throughout is a great credit to him and he is still very funny. Especially when he makes his speech to everyone at the station,