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Talented Young Actors

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Hello and welcome!
Mission Statement for 2007.
This year the TYA site will endeavour to spotlight Talented Young Actors who are perhaps overlooked or not looked apon at all in other media such as websites and magazines. The TYA site was created to try to bring a bit of publicity to those who deserve it most.         Katie 2007 x

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TYA (Senior Section)

What's new
May 30th
  • Added Gugu Mbatha Raw
  • Added Lathaniel Dyer
  • Added Michael Camp
  • Added Lenora Crichlow
  • Added Sacha Dhawan
May 5th
  • New 'Senior section' added for the not so young but still fabulously talented actors on this site.

Stuff to do

Waiting in the Wings Magazine

Read the fantastic 'Waiting in the Wings' Magazine by clicking on the link above. It's really a great publication!!!
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